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Shin Pain

Did you know not all shin pain is actually “Shin Splints”?

Shin splints are tiny stress fractures along the shin bone often at the lower inside portion of the shin bone where the stress on the shin bone is at its greatest.

There are, however, other forms of shin pain, each with different causes, and each responding to different treatments.

To address shin pain appropriately, the first thing to do is observe accurately diagnose the shin pain, and identify the true cause of the shin pain. In diagnosing the condition there could be any of the following to consider:

  • A muscle imbalance leading to overuse of the muscle along the shin bone
  • Joint instability in the joints above or below the shin bone
  • Abnormal pressure in the lower leg (Compartment Syndrome)
  • Microtears of the muscles in the shin against the shin bone
  • Or there could be many other reasons why your shins are painful

Because of the complex nature of shin pain it is important to have an accurate diagnosis, and the podiatrists at Posture Podiatry are trained to provide that service and treat the shin pain accordingly.

Please call us if you would like to speak with one of our podiatrists about your shin pain.


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