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Foot and nail care

"When your feet hurt, you hurt all over" – Socrates

How true it is that a small stone in your shoe can stop you in your tracks. So too can a corn or painful callus prevent you from enjoying life.

Skin is clever. It is it able to protect itself where there are high areas of pressure by gradually getting thicker.

Let's take for example one of your toes getting squashed inside your fancy shoes. The skin realises that it needs to protect itself, so it gets thicker. The only problem is, as the skin gets thicker, so too does the pressure between the skin and your shoes! This sets off a perpetual cause and effect reaction where the skin gets so thick it forms a 'plug' which can be very painful.

You may be familiar with the feeling of a stone embedded in your shoe rubbing on the very bony prominence that makes your foot the most painful... and it just won't go away!

The good news is that corns and calluses can be quickly and painlessly removed – much like having a haircut, the skin is dead and you won't feel a thing!

The result? Immediately your feet feel wonderful, and you feel you can float all the way home.

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