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Orthotic Therapy

"Not everyone needs orthotics"

Orthoses (or "Orthotics") are shoe inserts that a provide support and stability for when you are on your feet. They can encourage healthy movement and better efficiency which helps with fatigue and chronic overuse.

By encouraging healthy movement, orthotics can help to relieve pain and prevent injuries.

Before introducing orthotics, the podiatrists at Posture Podiatry can investigate your body's ability to fix itself first.

The key to a successful outcome with orthotics lies in the following:
• The quality of the materials used
• The precision of the process of manufacture
• The ability to adjust the orthotics to stay current with your body's changing needs.

Depending on your condition, at Posture Podiatry we use either traditional plaster techniques or the latest 3D scanning technology to create comfortable EVA-milled orthotics for a tailored solution to your needs.

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