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Posture Podiatry Adelaide


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Your feet are the foundation for your Posture.

At Posture Podiatry, we think it is important to consider your entire posture when we talk about your feet. Just as your feet can affect your posture, so your posture can affect your feet.

We have evolved into a population of people that are seated for most of the day. The effect of gravity on your posture in a seated position results in weakened muscles and an unbalanced skeletal system which becomes the framework for your posture when walking, running, dancing or playing sport.

The effect of gravity on your posture also extends to those of you who are standing all day for long periods. As your body fatigues it is less able to compensate effectively, which affects your body’s efficiency.

At Posture Podiatry we use simple, effective techniques to assess your posture and its impact on your feet and your pain.

(We are also friends with some of the best like-minded practitioners around Adelaide so you can be sure to be advised of the right people to see if there is a concern that needs further attention.)

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