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Sports Injuries

Recurring Sports Injuries can highlight an inability for your body to compensate effectively for your level of activity.

The podiatrists at Posture Podiatry are trusted by some of Australia's top athletes to keep them injury-free during their training and competition seasons.

Some of these include:

  • Players of the Australian Opals Basketball team
  • Pro and Amateur Track Athletes
  • Players of the Adelaide 36ers Basketball team
  • Players of the Adelaide Lightning Basketball team
  • Dancers at the Australian Dance Theatre

League and Premiere Netball Players

These are some of the people who know how much performance can improve when their feet and their posture are working efficiently.

The podiatrists at Posture Podiatry are used to treating all kinds of Sports injuries. Whether it is an acute injury, an injury that is recurring, or an injury that occurred many seasons ago that never seems to go away, you can trust us to get you back on your feet again.

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